New Media and Society (No.6)

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作者:谢耘耕 陈虹












 袁 会


Restrospection and Introspection on the study of environmental issues in China

--Base on an Observation of core papers in CSSCI and CNKI from 1998 to 2012

 Gao  Yunwei

A Research on Public Participation in Environmental Public Policies Decision:

—A Case Study on Waste Incineration in Panyu of Guangdong Province

 Wang Ying


Media Construction of the Environmental Issue:Framework Analysis on the reports of “The Huangpu River Pig Event”of Traditional Media and New Media

 Zhu Lin


Comparative analyses of mainland China and Hong Kong newspaper coverage on meteorology – “fog and haze in Beijing” as example

Lv  Yanwanqian

Disease Prevention Discourse on Microblog:A Case Study on Respirator Communication about H7N9


Zhang Hong


Annual Report on Public Opinion of Environment in 2012 Public Opinion Research Laboratory of Shanghai Jiao Tong University


“The Double Helix of Silence”: The New Research Analysis Of  the Spiral of Silence Theory

 in the New Media Environmentl

Gao Xian Chun

The Visualization Analysis of Research Status, Evolution Path, Hotspot and Front about International Media Literacy


DU Hua

The Influence on Micro-blog towards SocietyA Biased-media Theory Perspective

Wang Run

Discuss the Fusion of Newspaper and Network in the Context of Media Convergence


Zheng Chuanyang

Image Transmission of Network Events in New Media Era

Hong Yan



 The Emergence, Development and Response to NIMBY Conflict in Environment of Mass Incidents

——Taking "Dalian PX Incident" for Example

Qin Jing


 From Elite Advocacy to Masses Apealing :the NIMBY Movement in the New Media Age

Li Yilin


 The analysis of response to public sentiment of the government in Environmental crisis spread

——Taking Guangxi Longjiang river cadmium pollution for example

Cui Ming, Tian Xiangnin

 A Study on Network Mobilization in Environmental Communication:

Take “Nanjing phoenix tree Events” as Instance

Xing Chunyan


 Corporate Environmental Responsibility in the Environmental Crisis——to "Harbin Pharmaceutical Pollution Incident" as An Example

Yang Fan


 Corporate Environmental Responsibility in the Environmental Crisis——to "Harbin Pharmaceutical Pollution Incident" as An Example

Wang Qian



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