New Media and Society (No.10)

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作者:谢耘耕 陈虹












China's Survey Report on Eco-environment in 2013


Report of Enverionmental Public Opinion in 2013


Report on Public Opinion of Not-In-My-Back-Yard in 2013


Survey of Chinese Residents’Environmental Awareness in 2013

——A multidimensional analysis on public environmental awareness

Liu Cong


China’s Survey Report on Haze in 2013


The Status Survey on Public Opinion Analysis of Environmental Pollution Emergencies Caused by Petrochemical Enterprise In 2013

Yin Yibei


Report of Public Opinion of Water Pollution Incidents in 2013

Li Wenhui



The Expression of the Government, Media and Public of Environmental Mass Disturbance Incidents in Microblog Field

——Taking"Waste Incineration Power Plant in Yuhang Zhongtai "for Example

Fang Aihua  Zhang Jiefang


The “spectacle show” and the public experience of “role of dislocation”by the report of media

——Take the thing of  “Nanjing government officials hit the nurse” for example

Wang min


The Effect and Guidance of Micro-blog Public Opinion in Sudden Natural Disasters: The Earthquake in Ya 'an of Sichuan Province for Example

Cai Wanting


On Network Participation under the View of Deliberative Democracy

A Case Analysis of “People Survey Column”

Du Jia


The Research on the Impact of Wechat on College

Students’ Interpersonal Relationship

Based on The Survey of College Students in Tianjin Normal University

Wang JingxiLi Wei



Brand Marketing behind the Heated Discussion about:

Study on Brand Communication and Promotion of The Paper News

Fu Wenjie


Communication and Operation of Personal Micro Public Platform

——Taking Slow to the Future as an Example

Zhang Xiaomei


Lanzhou Bus Mobile TV Advertising Communication Effect Research

Yuang Guangyun


Visualization of News Coverage in New Media Era

Wu Xuejiao



The Influence of Robot Journalism on Traditional News Production

Zhang Yun