New Media and Society (No.5)

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作者:谢耘耕 陈虹





此书为上海交通大学舆情研究实验室推出的《新媒体与社会》系列的第五辑。本辑主打新闻发言人及新闻发言人制度的研究,除一般研究外, 还有赵启正、毛群安、王旭明三位原新闻发言人的文章。书中专文介绍了中西方新闻发言人制度的有关情况,“圆桌论坛”内容是第二届新媒体与社会发展全球论坛暨中英双边对话论坛的综述和嘉宾演讲实录,围绕“大数据与媒体时代”展开,此外还有上海交大舆情研究实验室撰写的《2012年微博年度报告》。 





A Report on Chinese Government’s Press Spokesman System in 2003-2012

Public Diplomacy and Cross-cultural

Learn How to Communicate with Media

Theory & Practice: A Research on Ethical Principles of News Spokesman

Crisis News Release in the Era of Microblogging

The Study on Changes of Government Press Release in Public Emergencies

A Research on the News Release Effect of Government Handling Sudden Public Medical Issues from 2009 to 2012

Speaking Strategies of Spokesperson in Emergencies:An Analysis Based on the Media Communication Effects of Spokespersons of Ministry of Health 


ExcerptsMicroblog Annual Report in 2012


A Literature Review on Government Image in Emergencies:An Citation Analysis of Chinese and Foreign Literatures

The Basic System and the Method Study: Evolvement Mechanism of Internet Public Opinion in Public Crisis Commuication


An Analysis of Zhao Qizheng’s Communication Arts

Discourse Features of Mao Qun’an’s Press Conference 

The Analysis of Wang Xuming’sSpeech Characteristics in Different Media Platform

Speak Frankly and Undisguisedly The Tao and Art of the Former Spokesman Wu Heping’s News Release 

Study on the Time Node Applications that based on “5W” Mode In Unexpected Public Incidents——A case study on“The Son of the Secretary Eating Empty Rates to the Zhangzi County in Shanxi ”

Analysis of Problems and Countermeasures in governments reversing negative public opinion,Based on the LuJiang Official Sex-Photo Scandal

Network anti-corruption: Reflection on the propagation stage, anti-corruption path and its problems- Based the "Yang Dacai incident" content analysis


New Idea, New Media and New Model:The development of Journalism in America

Elementary Exploration of Chinese and Western Spokesperson System