Annual Report on Micro-blog Development of China 2012 Is Released

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 Annual Report on Micro-blog Development of China 2012 Is Released

On December 25, 2012, the New Media and Society Research Center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Public Opinion Network jointly issued Annual Report on China’s Micro-Blog 2012 in Shanghai. The report made an analysis about the overall development situation of Micro-blog, Micro-blog and public opinion, Micro-Blog and network politics, Micro-Blog and Business Marketing, Micro-Blog and traditional media, Micro-Blog and leader of opinion, Micro-Blog and social mobilization , Micro-blog and social life style, as well as the development of Micro-Blog in 2013 were predicted .


The report shows that the increase speed of Micro-blog slows down while still remains a steady pace of development. At the same time, Weibo users are migrating to mobile terminal. Besides, Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo dominated the Chinese market, and the two Micro-blog tycoons are turned into the pillars of Micro-blog market. Though the process of marketization is initiated, yet effective profiting model has not come into being. Detailly speaking, the development of Micro-Blog reflects the following four characteristics:


Firstly, the development of Weibo users size is steady, but its increase speed is slowing down.

Secondly, The number of mobile users of weibo increased significantly, it shows that weibo users are migrating to mobile terminals in large-scale

Thirdly,the competition of Micro-Blog market is fierce, and the “market dominated two tycoons ” has been formed.

Finally, the commercialization process of Micro-Blog is slow, and an effective profiting model has not yet to be found.