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Teachers Postdoctoral Job Posting of New media and Society Study

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Teachers Postdoctoral Job Posting of New media and Society Study (Public Opinion Research Laboratory )

in Shanghai JiaoTong University


Because of work requirements, New media and Society Study (Public Opinion Research Laboratory ) in Shanghai JiaoTong University would like to recruit a number of faculty recruitment postdoctoral to the public at home and abroad.

The relevant matters will be announced as follows:

A.   Recruitment range

a.    Dr in famous foreign colleges and universities.

b.    Dr in 985 domestic colleges and universities .


B.   Professional and vacancy .

a.    Professional: sociology, psychology, linguistics, journalism and communication, public management, economics, management, political science, Chinese language and literature

b.    Position: several Teachers postdoctoral.


C.   The basic conditions for recruitment

a. The teachers postdoctoral should abide by the constitution and laws, be loyal to education career, abide by the academic norms, obey the school rules and regulations, and be Rigorously do scholarly research, be concerned about the collective, consciously maintain the school reputation .Unity and cooperation are also in need.

b. Education condition: PhD graduates, or have doctoral degree.

c. Foreign language level: you are supposed to be  skilled in reading professional books of literature and writing papers and academic communication in English or be familiar with other language.


D. Please submit the following written materials as required:

a. Resume;

b. Copy of personal academic achievements;

c. Copy of the degree or diploma, student’s ID card and other related documents;

d. Two counterparts expert recommendation;

e. Graduates need to offer graduate recommended table and transcripts;

f. The PhD thesis submission(You’d better submit it).


E. The hiring process and time schedule:

a. Application acceptance: applicants should submit written application materials to the New Media and Social Research Center(Public Opinion Research Laboratory) in Shanghai JiaoTong University. All The materials will be put in secret. They will not be returned.

b. Procedures: according to the related procedures in teacher postdoctoral recruitment in Shanghai JiaoTong University.


F. Pay

Your yearly salary will be sixty thousand. We also provide housing insurance welfare treatment and so on according to relevant regulations.

Postdoctoral researchers in the world famous universities can apply for “The World Famous Universities’ Postdoctoral Research Start-up Fund in Shanghai JiaoTong University ". According to the recruit plan, in addition to the salary, 3-100000 yuan research start-up funding will be provided.


G .Address

Applicants should send the application materials in print and electronic form.

Please send the print form to:

Chenruiqiu hall 426 in Shanghai JiaoTong University, Dongchuan road 800, Minhang District , Shanghai.

Zip code: 200240


Contact: Teacher Sun

Telephone: 34204837

Please send the electronic form to: 该E-mail地址已受到防止垃圾邮件机器人的保护,您必须启用浏览器的Java Script才能看到。